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Public racing business

Odds Park

Entertaining Japan from
the regional

Odds Park sells betting tickets for government-controlled public racing (local-level horse races, bicycle races, motorcycle races and so on), on the Internet and through other channels, on consignment from local public bodies.

Public racing are sports competitions operated by local public bodies; there are 4 types opublic racing (horse racing, bicycle racing, motorcycle racing and motorboat racing) and profits from these competitions are mainly used to finance local projects.
At Odds Park, we’re supporting the revitalization of regional economies by increasing these profits. We are constantly working to improve our services in order to allow a growing number of patrons to enjoy public racing in a safe and secure manner. Additionally, rather than simply catering to those who are already familiar with public racing, we are also committed to creating a new fan base by conveying their appeal to those who are not aware of them.

"Hometown tax" business


Revitalizing local towns.

Satofull provides comprehensive "Hometown tax" payment agent services on consignment from local governments.

The "Hometown tax" Payment scheme is a system that allows individuals to donate part of their local taxes to local governments they want to support for purposes of their own choice.
This way, local governments can make use of donations for community development while donors can contribute to community development with their donations; the "Hometown tax" Payment system is a brilliant system that allows both parties to take part in initiatives for regional revitalization.
Satofull collectively performs tax-related cumbersome tasks on behalf of municipalities, their staff and peripheral business operators wishing to take advantage of the "Hometown tax" Payment scheme, with a focus on the "present" as well as the "future" of local areas.

Tourism business


Connecting people to local
communities through "Travel"

Tabirism offers, to individuals and corporations alike, unique trips for experiencing in full the appeal of regional areas, with the goal of drawing visitors to provincial city, a priority of local governments.

In planning and conducting the trips, we cooperate with the Public racing businesss and the "Hometown tax" Payment Business developed by the SB Players Group to attract large numbers of visitors to provincial city. We are also engaged in international exchange projects connecting local governments with foreign counterparts to implement mutual exchanges tailored to the needs of local governments.
By linking communities and people through "travel," we are contributing to the revitalization of regional economies.

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