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Board of Directors


CEO Hiroaki Fujii

Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University.

1994Joined East Japan Railway Co.

2001Joined Asahi Arthur Andersen Ltd.

2001Joined Japan Telecom Inc. (currently Softbank Corp.)

2004Seconded to SOFTBANK BB Corp.(currently Softbank Corp.

2005CEO, SOFTBANK Players Group(currently SB Players Group) (to present)
CEO, Odds Park Corp.

2009Chairman,Odds Park Banei Management Corp.

2010CEO, DreamNetMarketing Corp.

2011Outside Director, Green Power Investment Corp.
COO,SB Energy Corp.

2013CEO, SB Power Corp.

2014CEO, Satofull Co., Ltd. (to present)

2015Chairman, Tabirism Corp.(to present)

2019Chairman, Odds Park Corp. (to present)

2019CEO, Tanemaki Inc. (to present)

Executive Vice President Shinpei Kato
Directors Yutaka Uemura
Makoto Yamada
Akinari Matsunami
Risa Tanaka
Michiko Nagasawa

SB Players Corp.

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